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For Kindle Readers

Many of my beta readers prefer to read my stories on their Kindle.  Not the Kindle app in their iOS or Android device, but an actual bonified Kindle purchased from  While my books are available for those readers, many have found the act of downloading into their Kindle to be very unintuitive.  For those readers, below is a step-by-step guide to making their goals a reality.  If you have any trouble along the way please feel free to drop me an email or message on Facebook, and I will do my best to help you.


STEP 1)  Using your smart phone or tablet, the email link will take you to the book's Prolific Works landing page.  Select 'Claim My Book' and then 'Get My Book' on the following page.


STEP 2)  Realize that nothing is that simple and remain patient.  Locate your phone or tablet's Downloads folder.  In iOS, it can be found via a little blue circle with a downward arrow, either in the address bar at the bottom of your iPhone, at the top of your iPad, or in the My Files menu of your Android.  Once you locate the folder, you should see the MOBI file waiting for you inside to select.


STEP 3)  Once you select the file, choose the forward arrow at the top right.  It will open a screen filled with choices.  On the second line, scroll until you see the Kindle app and select it.  (Don't worry, this is going to work.). A simple screen will pop up asking you to enter the author's name.  Once you write Joseph Stone in, select 'Send' and you're almost done!

The rest.001.jpeg

STEP 4)  Wait FIVE MINUTES.  No, really, you have to wait for Amazon's servers to catch up to this little feat we've been through.  After five minutes, go to your actual Kindle reader (not the app in your pad or phone) and go to your library.  Refresh the screen and you should see what almost looks like a Word icon for A Perfect Night.  Once you select it, the real cover should appear and you can now begin reading on your Kindle!

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