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Add Files To Your Kindle

The simplest way to add a free book to your Kindle is to email the ePub file to your Kindle email address directly.  That address can be found in the Settings>Your Account menu of your physical Kindle or in the application on your smart phone or tablet.  It is a address located under Send-to-Kindle Email.


Step 1: Download the Kindle ePub from the email I sent you.  

Send Book To Kindle.001.jpeg

Step 2: Touch the blue icon that appears to expand the menu and select Downloads.

Send Book To Kindle.002.jpeg

Step 3: Touch the magnifying glass icon that pops up to go to your Downloads folder.  Once there, touch and hold the ePub file.

Send Book To Kindle.003.jpeg

Step 4: When the menu opens, select Share.  I new email message will be created with the file attached.  Enter you email address and touch the blue Send icon.

Send Book To Kindle.004.jpeg

If this was your first attempt at emailing a file your Kindle library, you may first receive a response email requesting verification.  Otherwise, the book should appear in your Kindle library after about 10 minutes. (It may take longer when the Amazon servers are running behind.)  Refresh the Library All screen in the Kindle, or in the app by swiping down and releasing.  Enjoy!

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