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Wolf Omega
Beta Reader Feedback

Thank you for sharing your experience with Wolf Omega.  In trying to make this novel the best it can be, your honest, unvarnished insight is invaluable to me.  The questions below are meant to help you consider your opinion.  I do not expect you to answer everything, but I welcome as much feedback as you are willing to share.

What genre(s) does Wolf Omega fit into best?

Did the opening grab your attention?  Why or why not?

Were you confused at any point in the book about what was going on or what I was trying to communicate? Did you get lost in the detail? Or was it ever not clear who was saying or doing what?

Did you skip over content or skim over it (at least in parts) to speed up the reading, so you could “get it over with”?  Was it because of the book itself — too much detail, irritating dialogue, etc. — or because you weren’t in the right headspace for reading it? 

Did you identify with the main character or with any of the characters in the book?  Did you find the protagonist’s problem relatable and feel invested in what happened to them?  Or did something in the protagonist put you off and make it impossible for you to relate to them or to care about what happened? 

Which characters did you connect to, and which, if any, did you dislike?  Are there any you'd like to read a chronicle from? (Don't think for a second I'm not willing to breath life back into Duccio and tell you all that happened after he took Castello Palatino. :)

Did you think anything was missing?  Were there any loose threads?  Were you hoping to learn more about the protagonist or the antagonist and ended up disappointed? 

Your star ratings for Wolf-Omega:

The beginningThe beginning
The middleThe middle
The endThe end
The character of GabrielleThe character of Gabrielle
The character of CeccoThe character of Cecco
The character of DuccioThe character of Duccio
The character of SempronioThe character of Sempronio
The character of MaximoThe character of Maximo
Wolf Omega final ratingWolf Omega final rating

If you noted grammatical or spelling errors along the way (bless you!), you may upload screenshots of your e-reader's notes pages below.  If they are too numerous, please feel free to email them to me at

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Thanks for submitting!


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